"Blake was exceptionally thoughtful. His greatest strength is his sensitivity to the needs of the client. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, very practical and helps get the project done with expedience and sensitivity to cost."

"Nancy and Blake have encouraged us to use the principles of "green architecture" in our new dorm/faculty housing project. We are excited about realizing energy savings as well as using the building as a teaching tool ."

"Nancy had a strong sense of external design for our house. The details are elegant and well proportioned. She is very flexible. She listened and was open to our ideas – some architects are not."

“My husband had trouble articulating what he wanted and Nancy helped him clarify his ideas. Nancy understood what we wanted. She was easy to work with and listened well. We did a giant project and had a delightful time with it.”

“I liked working with a small firm – they have attention to detail. Blake and Nancy were good at checking on the project and kept the contractor to task. We love the space; it is beautiful and has made a difference in our daily lives.”

“Blake was extremely diligent and conscientious. I was grateful for his ease in dealing with our staff, the landlord and contractors. His communication was full and clear.”

"Nancy was always responsive; she helped us think about the cost of the project in advance. I liked her design work; it was interesting. We liked her simple descriptions and explanations which made it easy for us to understand the process. And she kept within the timeframe of the project!"